Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The complexities of breath.

I am back in the hospital for another go.  We're trying an antibiotic that I am have in the past been very allergic to in inhaled form.  We are trying it intravenously and so far I have been fine.  I'm having my second dosed infused as I type.  It's very toxic to the renal system so we are monitoring my creatinine very closely.  Please keep fingers crossed that my kidneys don't fail. 

I will be here until around the 24th.  I will be discharged for my birthday (the 25th), and then the 26th J. and I are flying to Dublin, Ireland for a much needed, almost two-week excursion.  I know my health is hardly in suitable shape for travel but we have decided sooner than later (when I am too sick for such a thing) is better.

It's cold and I don't mind being bundled inside.  Though I don't celebrate Christmas I am looking forward to seeing family for the holidays.  I'm also looking forward to kissing Piper in the middle of an ice skating rink ASAP.

Oh, the romance!  


environmental fiend said...

Wow...Dublin! I'm jealous!! I went to Ireland many years ago and loved loved LOVED it. I think you will love it too.

Glad you are getting away. You, my dear, need a vacation like nobody's business. :)



LucyPearl81 said...

Hey...Enjoy Dublin and all it's beauty!

LucyPearl81 (Better Known As Sherita)

Droll said...

Sherita! Holy shit girl... How did you find me?! I hope you are well. I was thinking about you this morning! So crazy to log in and find this post from you. EMAIL ME. Tell your mom I say hi! I miss you both. Are you still spending a lot of time in the hospital? xo

Shannon said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip!