Friday, November 7, 2008

Death of a Nutritionist

Okay, not really that dramatic, but I have had a sordid history with nutritionists throughout my life and when I moved back from San Francisco my hospital had placed the most excellent and awesome nutritionist I've ever met on my care team.  She has found a new job at a food company and today is her last day here.  I have written an ode to her that I thought it important I share.  

Roses are red, violets are blue
Oh, Smelly Shelley, your CFers will miss you.

You gave excellent advice on how to lose and how to gain. 
You're the first dietician that did not drive me insane.

You were balanced and fair, never force-fed me a Scandishake,
your nutritional advice I'll always trust and always take.

You're a great nutritionist but as a person you're incredibly neat.
My heart stays close to your heart with your new career in meat.  

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whatsherface said...

The good ones never stay. Shelly was awesome; and it was awesome I got to meet her - or should I say MEAT her, ahahaha :P