Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Same old shit!

Nothing beautiful or poetic to say today.

I snuck out of the hospital this morning, tank in tow, to cast my ballot.  I found myself praying before I checked the box for Barack Obama.  

I begged my doctors to let me go home Wednesday morning (tomorrow).  I'm not making it out yet.  My lung functions are dragging.  Everything about me is completely exhausted.  

I just wish I had something wonderful to say, some sort of good news but I don't.  


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Anonymous said...

I haven't been so nervous about an election in a LONG time. Max told me he learned about voting at preschool on Tuesday. And I was shocked to hear that he KNEW who his dad was voting for -- Barack Obama. Mainly because when we speak to him directly, he doesn't pay attention. Amazing what he picks up thru osmosis.