Thursday, November 13, 2008

The hospital life.

I am readmitted as of yesterday afternoon.   My PFTs are scarily low.  My lungs sound worst than they did upon discharge.  I asked my doctor this morning if quitting CF was an option.  She laughed uncomfortably.

I can hardly keep my eyes open.  I'm needing more pain medications than I can handle.  I'm zoned out but out of pain.  Trade off.  

It's all a trade off.  


Layne said...

Hang in there sweet girl.

whatsherface said...


You're never far from our thoughts...

environmental fiend said...

JESUS, girl. It's hard to believe what I read sometimes. I guess because I've never met you face to face. I mean, I know you've been going through a lot of really bad shit but it's easier for it to seem less serious when I only chat with you every couple of weeks.

Anyway, you will always be one of my favorite cystics. I think about you a lot, and wish you were online to chat more.

Keep it real, girl. I know you will.