Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Breaking up.

I'm sorry.

If you voted Republican, or plan to do so this following week, we can no longer be friends.


environmental fiend said...

Melanie... I saw OBAMA yesterday!!! He was awesome!! On another note, I've been thinking of you lots and hoping the best for you.



Maggie said...

You know what's funny? Kent is in the military and typically people in the military have a reputation as diehard conservatives. BUT, every single military family we know (and it includes some Iraq war vets) hate the war and are voting for Obama.

I just think that should say something to everyone out there who thinks the war is such a good idea and plan to vote for McCain. Anyway, sorry about getting on my soapbox.

whatsherface said...

Obama or bust!

And locally, for any Californians who might read your blog: If any of YOU vote yes on prop 8, you're insane and can no longer know me.

Thanks for letting me hijack your blog with my politics (but I feel sure you'd agree with me if you lived here).