Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear "Gina",

I can't help myself.  Initially I wasn't going to write about this but I can't stop thinking about it.  About her.  Not this manipulating, lying, overweight coward of a woman-- but the young and vibrant girl we knew as sickly Pepe.  Pepe who loved horses and needed lungs.  Pepe who had MRSA in her blood and had a rare blood type.  Pepe who spent months and months in a lonely ICU bed with one lone friend, the suicidal but sharp Blake (who I made a heroine of in my head and thanked several times for doing what she did for G.).  Pepe who beat Paul down until he broke.  Pepe who made Paul's transplant a failure.  Pepe who stole our hearts and ultimately broke them when she was outed as a complete liar; a well researched fabrication.  

We were all fooled (were we?).  We all saw the holes in the stories.  I hear her tiny voice on the phone and said, "Wow, your voice sounds really strong despite what you are going through!"  What I thought in my head was, this is the first cystic I've ever talked to who didn't have a growl in their voice, that familiar CF voice.  

I keep thinking about how we've been walked on.  I can't sleep tonight unless I think this out here.  The whole of it:  the who, the what, the where but mostly the why. 

Why would someone intentionally destroy people this way?  Why would this awful bitch choose MY disease of all the diseases in the world?  

Obviously this person is very sick.  This is shown clearly through posts on a new community she is getting ready to destroy posted less than a day after being outed as a fake (Asperger's?  Really?  Perhaps Paul taught you a thing or two about that?)  

This proves to me that she doesn't regret a moment of this.  Gina Fiorentino of Saint Michael, Minnesota:  That sick, twisting feeling in your stomach is not because you feel bad about what you've done.  It is because you've been caught.  It's because nobody loves you like they loved Pepe.  


Shannon said...


CowTown said...

So crazy!

Blessings From Above said...

Although I do not have CF and therefore can not begin to understand the extent of grief Gina/Pepe has caused you, I had been following the a FOP blog for several months. There are not words strong enough to depict what a horrible human being she is.

I pray that she is someday (soon) held accountable for her actions.

Jennifer said...

I agree with so much of this. One of the things I thought of after she was outed, was how when she would come into chat, people would exclaim her name and be happy to see her. If she came into chat now, the greeting would not be the same.

I had a bad feeling she was fake long before she was outed. But I trusted (and still do) Paul, Perks, and Tara, who were her champions, basically. It sickens me to think about how "blake" sometimes treated those same people.

Anonymous said...

Took the words out of my mouth. I'm mad at her for all of the cystics out there. I'm mad at her for all of the parents, friends, family watching their loved ones suffer. I'm mad at her for all of the organ donors. I'm mad at her for every single person (CF or not) waiting for a transplant. I'm mad at her for everyone she's made a mockery of. For PRETENDING to feel what SO MANY suffer through each minute of the day...and what my son will one day go through...makes me sick to my stomach. I was never close to her, though I checked on her daily...but it makes me so very sad for those who trusted her as their friend.

Anonymous said...

I second those statements!

WyldFyre said...

I just had a run in with this Gina Fiorentino. A friend of mine had posted a couple horses she had for sale and this Gina went psycho on her about the horse (one of them) being thin. Calling names, making threats ect. Then this Gina googles her name, but instead of her contact information she got the womans 70 year old parents information and plastered it all over the internet as animal abuse and on an on. So while this poor lady is freaking out because all she wanted to do was find these horses a good healthy home, this girl is posting her families information and lies about her all over facebook. So I googled Gina's name and up pops this blog. In reading the bog I am reminded of years that I chatted on AOL... and a gina who claimed to being dying every other day. Is this hateful sick person the same person that I seemed to have crossed paths with again today???