Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday DNC

--Barack Obama shows up during Joe Biden's speech, after telling everyone he wouldn't be in Denver until tomorrow.

--Rage Against the Machine plays a free show at the Denver Coliseum, as presented by veterans of the Iraq war who are against the war.  The show is wrapped up with a peace march from the Coliseum to the Convention center, lead by military personnel in their uniforms.  It was a powerful message that I hope is being heard by people world-wide.  

--Andenken Gallery's show hits it's plateau this evening with a free show at 30th and Larimer featuring the Silversun Pickups and a few other big groups.  Didn't go, but heard it was awesome.

--Again, for you starfuckers:  Apparently an Angelina Jolie sighting or two around town (I still have no idea if she is actually here) and Alan Cumming and Anne Hathaway spend some hours last night at local douchebag hangout Rockbar on Colfax.  So not rock, despite having booked a full night with Scarlett Johansson and her homies this week.   

--I got stuck in insane traffic near the convention center.  Lots of street vendors, a crazy amount of people and of course, lots of politicians.

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whatsherface said...

Well done, as was Tuesday's report. I shall eagerly await the next update. xoxoxo

whatsherface said...

Holy Hell in a Handbasket - can you BELIEVE who McCain picked for his running mate?! We're FUCKed.

environmental fiend said...

That is so cool you are in Denver and get to experience the convention being there. I'm jealous! (Except for the mile high part - I don't know how you do it girl.)

Love ya!


Anonymous said...

You've found your calling!