Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DJ Obama Run DNC

--Stencil artist Shepard Fairey (of OBEY fame) was arrested last night bombing in the downtown area while being filmed for a documentary.  The artist and film crew were arrested, booked and released earlier today.

--The Manifest Hope show at the Andenken Gallery is completely mind-blowing.  Inspired by Barack Obama, there are many pieces from internationally known artists of many different medias and genres.  It was inspiring and beautiful.  The new Andenken space is amazing.

--Young protesters chant FUCK FOX NEWS repeatedly during live news feed.  On-the-scene anchor makes a complete jackass of himself by admitting his confusion that not all Democrats supported Obama and later, by yelling, "Don't you believe in freedom?!"

--Michelle Obama makes an "inspiring and spirited" speech at local church.  I don't get invited, but get stuck in the traffic from it anyway.

--Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi loses her shit.  

--Anarcho-crusty punks get tear-gassed by DPD and arrested by the dumpster full at Civic Center Park last night. Kids were handcuffed to trees while cop busses made their way to pick them up.  The prisoners were likely disappointed with the jail standard bologna sandwich, warm carton of milk and waxy apple served for dinner.  

--Huge presence of pigs and protesters alike.  So far I have seen anti-abortionists, Communist party members, Anarchists, Hippies...

--And for you starfuckers...  Danny Glover, Kal Penn, Cyndi Lauper, Spike Lee, Alan Cumming, Susan Sarandon, Daryl Hannah, Oprah Winfrey, Scarlet Johannson and many other super famous prettier-than-us people are in town to support the Democratic party.  

--Right-to-lifers pull idiotic stunt in Jefferson County this morning.  I would likely approve if they started adopting American kids and paying the medical bills of the pregnant and poor.  Or, the men magically grow ovaries.  

More to come soon.  

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imeem said...

fyi, imeem's got a funny clip of shepard fairey describing his arrest last week in denver (the 14th time he's been arrested for postering) at http://www.imeem.com/manifesthope